Plan group events interactively with all of the fun & none of the stress.

So, you’ve got plans, we all do. But you need to pool funds, get your friends to contribute and talk about what you need done.

Phew… that sounds like a handful!

Not anymore though! With Bantu, all you need? Well, it’s in one place. Bantu lets you pool funds, make plans, manage the finances, and still have friendly conversations with your tribe. And you do not even need to shift between four different apps to do that. It’s all in one place!

How does BANTU work?
  • 1
    Create Your Tribe

    Everyone needs a tribe, and with your tribe on Bantu, there is nothing you cannot accomplish. With your tribe you can pool all your finances together and talk about your plans for your project. Planning a birthday party? Taking a much-needed trip? Wedding, Hen do, or Stag do? Sending money back home? Maybe just a little get-together? Whatever it is, you and your tribe can truly be one voice on Bantu, where you can manage your resources in open view. No hassle.

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    Ask your friends to join your Tribe

    Get your friends in on the plan as well. Ask them to join your tribe on Bantu through your customised link, and then you can all contribute towards your goal.

  • 3
    Get Things Done!

    Now you’ve got your tribe, and everyone has chipped in. its’s time to throw that party. Take that trip. Have that wedding Begin that dream business or side project. It’s time to live, and you can do all this seamlessly thanks to Bantu.



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Finally, the power to achieve your dreams and actualise your plans lies in your hands. All in one app. Start today and go the Bantu way.

Make life’s events the best they can be.

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Available from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

*Works on iOS 10.0.5+, Android Kitkat and above.

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